Airport code for Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic

Nov 16, 2023

Santo Domingo airport code: SDQ

This is an efficient guide that provides instructions on locating the airport code for Santo Domingo.

Which is the Airport Code for Santo Domingo?

SDQ is the Airport Code, also referred to as the IATA code, for the city of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. The airport is situated within Santo Domingo.

About Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo serves as the capital of the Dominican Republic and stands as the biggest metropolis in the Caribbean, accommodating a populace exceeding 3 million individuals. In order to effectively plan your vacation, it is imperative to possess the airport code.

IATA Santo Domingo airport code? Understanding IATA Codes

Airport IATA code

If you have ever traveled by plane, you may have observed that each airport has a three-letter symbol. These symbols are known as IATA codes and are utilized to identify airports across the globe.

The allocation of IATA codes is carried out by the International Air Transport Association, which serves as a representative body for the interests of the airline industry. These codes serve various purposes, including flight planning, ticketing, and handling baggage.

These unique codes streamline the vast network of global airports, enabling swift and standardized recognition across the aviation industry. They serve as concise labels, allowing passengers, airlines, and travel agencies to easily identify airports throughout the entire travel process.

For instance, Las Americas airport is assigned the IATA code SDQ. When booking a trip, you have the option to enter the IATA code to choose the destination and obtain details about the airport’s whereabouts, website, and phone number. Furthermore, using IATA codes can ensure that you arrive at the correct airport if there are multiple options within a city.

Therefore, when making travel arrangements in the future, remember to research the IATA code for the airport you will be departing from or arriving at.

What’s the name of the SDQ airport?

The official name for SDQ airport is Las Américas International Airport (SDQ).

What is the meaning of SDQ?

The initials S and D represent Santo Domingo, while it is speculated that the letter Q represents Quisqueya, which is thought to be the island’s original name prior to colonization.

Is there an official website for SDQ?

Certainly, the Las Américas Airport (SDQ) does have authorized websites. Click here for see it.

What’s the address for Las Américas International Airport (SDQ)?

Route 66 Airport Exit Las Americas, Santo Domingo 11336

What airlines provide flights to and from Las Américas International Airport?

Many travelers prefer the Las Americas International Airport (SDQ) for travel to and from the Dominican Republic.  Several renowned airlines operate from this airport such as American Airlines, Delta, JetBlue, Blue Panorama, Copa Airlines, and Air France.

These airlines provide a wide range of flights to various destinations worldwide, making it convenient to find a suitable flight for your travel requirements.

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