Santo Domingo

Enjoy a VIP experience in our Premium Lounges, Popular Lounge or Sky Lounge, as well as, if you just want to relax before boarding, our Caribbean lounge.

VIP services include assisted migration services, private security line, luggage collection, door-to-door transportation, catering and free WIFI when accessing with your credit card or health insurance.

Premium  & Banco Popular Dominicano Lounge

Forget the rush and the crowds; experience our VIP departure and arrival services in our Premium Lounges at the Santo Domingo Airport.

How does the exit service from the country work?

1. Service reservation: Through this same web page, you must make your reservation with a minimum of 24 hours prior to the start of your flight. If you have a credit card or health insurance that grants you free access, you must log in with your username and password to be able to use the benefit.

2. Access to Premium Room: Make your registration with the corresponding airline and then go to our counter to be transferred to our Premium Room. 

3. Stay in Premium Room: present your passport, boarding pass, proof of payment or credit card/health insurance that grants you access to the lounge to validate your registration. Enjoy our wide selection ofdrinks, snacks and WIFI until boarding time.

4. Security filter and migration: A few minutes before boarding, cross the security checkpoint and go through the fast track migration process, escorted by our staff until you reach your boarding gate.

How does the arrival service in the country work?

1. It begins with being transferred from your disembarkation terminal to our Premium lounge assisted by our staff.

2. Go through our security and migration filter accompanied by our staff.

3. Access our lounge , present the required documents and start enjoying a catering carefully selected for you, WI-FI, TV and press.

4. Rest while the luggage is located by our staff , transferred to our VIP lounge and finish the experience with your luggage in the car.

Service description

  • Management of immigration procedures.
  • Carefully selected catering in the lounge.
  • Fast-track security filter.
  • Free WI-FI, TV and press.
  • Assistance from our team at all times

In departures from the Dominican Republic :

  • Transfer from immigration to the Gate 5 VIP lounge.
  • Accompaniment to your departure gate for boarding.

On arrivals in the Dominican Republic:

  • Transfer from the plane to the Premium Lounge of the Santo Domingo Airport
  • Collection of your luggage and delivery in the Lounge on arrivals in the country.

VIP Hours Before Boarding Premium Lounge: Open 24 hours a day
Location: Gate 5, AILA. Transportation included from the second level of the airport.

Catering and Snacks


Reception and Door Assistance

Baggage claim

VIP security

Migration Procedures

Learn about the different ways to access the VIP BEFORE BOARDING premium lounge

Sky The Lounge

Transform the stress of airport processes into a pleasant experience

This new room offers a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere thanks to its setting, arrangement of elements and furniture, which make this an exclusive space and different from the rest of VIP lounges in airports.

Available services:

  • Unlimited Open Bar*.
  • Unlimited Snack bar.
  • A la carte dining experience by chef Erik Malstem*.
  • Fully equipped showers*.
  • Entertainment by local DJ.
  • Free WI-FI and international TV.

*Some conditions apply.

Sky The Lounge Hours: 6:00 am a 11:00 pm
Location: Terminal A, Las Americas International Airport (AILA).

Access: You can access by covering the same rate or using one (1) access per person from those granted by your credit card/health insurance for the Premium Room, in addition to the upgrade payment.

Does not accept prior reservation. Subject to availability and strict Smart Casual dress code.

    VIP lounge

    Free WIFI

    Snacks or Experience

    Gastronomic a la carte

    Shower with bathroom kit

    Caribbean Lounge

    An oasis of tranquility and comfort before boarding.

    Enjoy a comfortable and relaxing experience enjoying the services of the Premium Lounge at the Santo Domingo Airport.

    In the Caribbean Lounge of the Las Américas International Airport you will find a comfortable, welcoming environment with a multitude of services that will make your stay as relaxing as possible before boarding your plane.

    Turn your waiting time into a pleasant experience in the Caribbean Lounge of the Las Américas International Airport. A functional lounge where you will find all the comforts of a VIP Lounge: comfortable sofas, free buffet, rest area, work area and a multitude of services so that your trip begins in the best way.

    Service description

    • Rest and/or work space
    • Carefully selected catering in the Lounge: unlimited buffet with all kinds of drinks included.
    • Flight information screen
    • Free WI-FI, TV and press
    • Smoking zone

    Sala Caribe Hours: Open 24 hours
    Location: Gate B, AILA.
    Does not require prior reservation.

      VIP lounge

      Free WIFI

      Catering and Snacks

      Caribbean lounge does not require prior reservation

      We are waiting for you in wing B of the AILA!


      Before Boarding takes all the protocols of place
      to protect us from COVID 19.