Santo Domingo Airport map: Explore map and guide for SDQ in the Dominican Republic

Nov 21, 2023

Las Américas International Airport (SDQ): Santo Domingo Airport Map

The primary terminal at Santo Domingo Airport, which is also called Las Americas International Airport, is a two-story structure. The first floor is designated for incoming flights, while the second floor is for outgoing flights. The terminal is contemporary and roomy, offering a wide range of facilities and services for travelers.

Overview of Terminals in Santo Domingo (SDQ)

The primary terminal at SDQ Airport is split into two floors, with the first floor designated for incoming flights and the second floor for outgoing flights. The terminal is user-friendly and includes a range of stores, dining options, and amenities for travelers. Additionally, there are multiple lounges accessible for passengers looking to unwind before their departure. 

Given that there is only one main terminal, travelers don’t need to be concerned about moving between terminals at the airport. All flights arrive and depart from the main building, allowing people to easily find their way around without any difficulty. 

Eating establishments, Retailers & Amenities

Eating establishments, Retailers & Amenities

When it comes to dining and shopping, SDQ provides a multitude of choices. The airport is home to various dining establishments and cafes that offer a mix of local and international dishes. Whether you’re looking for a light bite or a complete meal, there’s something to cater to your appetite. Popular options include Burger King, Cinnabon, and Starbucks.

Apart from food, Santo Domingo Airport boasts a selection of shops and amenities. From tax-free shops to souvenir stores, there are plenty of diversions to occupy you during your stopover. Visitors can also make use of the airport’s services, such as complimentary Wi-Fi and charging points. For those in need of freshening up before their flight, there are shower facilities available for a charge. 

Travelers can expect a pleasant and hassle-free experience at the Santo Domingo Airport. The airport offers a range of dining and retail choices, along with various amenities and services, ensuring that all your travel needs are met for a seamless journey.

 Where the security checkpoints are located

SDQ Airport has multiple security checkpoints. The primary one is situated at the terminal building entrance, where the people must walk through metal detectors and have their carry-on bags scanned. Additional security checkpoints are also found at the gates for each flight, where passengers must undergo a second round of screening before getting on the plane.

Express lanes and designated areas for expedited travel  

Travelers have the option to use fast track lanes at the airport in order to speed up their security screening. These special lanes can be found at the main security checkpoint and are open to those who have either bought a fast track pass or are part of a qualifying frequent flyer program. By using the fast track lanes, passengers can skip the regular security queue and go through the screening process at a faster pace. 

Map of Passport and Immigration Control

The passport and immigration control can be found in the arrivals section of SDQ. Upon exiting the aircraft, travelers must follow the signage to reach the passport control area, where they will need to show their passport and any required travel papers to an immigration official. After their documents are approved, travelers can retrieve their baggage and go through customs before leaving the airport.

Places in the airport where passengers can relax and wait for their flights.

Travelers at Santo Domingo Airport can take advantage of multiple lounges to relax and unwind before their flight. The VIP zone, found near gate A1 in Terminal A, welcomes all passengers for a fee. It features comfortable seating, free snacks and beverages, and complimentary Wi-Fi.

Meanwhile, the American Airlines Admirals Club is situated near gate B1 in Terminal B, and is accessible to American Airlines customers and Admirals Club members. This place offers a range of amenities, including comfy seating, complimentary snacks and drinks, showers, and free Wi-Fi. In addition, the Priority Pass Zone, located near gate B3 in Terminal B, is open to Priority Pass members and includes comfortable seating, complimentary snacks and drinks, and free Wi-Fi. 

Availability of luggage carts

luggage carts in santo domingo airport map

SDQ Airport offers complimentary luggage carts. The carts can be found in both the baggage claim areas and various locations within the airport terminals. Look for the designated luggage cart stations, which are clearly marked with signs and conveniently situated throughout the airport.

If you need help with your luggage, there are porters available to assist you. Easily identifiable by their uniforms, the porters can be found in the baggage claim areas and throughout the airport terminals. You can ask for their help by approaching them directly or by reaching out to the airport information desk. 

Places where you can store your luggage (left luggage).

If you require luggage storage at the airport, there are facilities provided for this purpose. These facilities can be found in the arrival area of Terminal A and are accessible at all times. You will be charged a fee for storing your luggage, with the amount determined by the dimensions and weight of your belongings.

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