Top Airlines flying to Santo Domingo (SDQ): Jetblue, Delta and Copa Airlines

Dec 22, 2023

Start a voyage of exceptional travel as we introduce the best airlines flying to Santo Domingo. In our blog, we explore the aviation industry to help you discover the top airlines operating at Las Américas International Airport in the Dominican Republic

Airlines flying to Santo Domingo (SDQ) 

When it comes to traveling to Santo Domingo, there are numerous options for choosing an airline. United Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and 22 other airlines provide flights to SDQ, such as Jetblue, Delta, Copa Airlines or Avianca.

Each airline may have different pricing and conditions for their tickets. It’s essential to thoroughly understand the terms of each airline’s offer to determine its worth.

For example, if you plan to bring luggage on your flights to Santo Domingo from Miami, be sure to check if the airfare deal includes a baggage allowance. When booking your flight from Fort Lauderdale to Santo Domingo, if the chosen deal does not include a baggage allowance, compare it with other airlines like Spirit that might offer free checked or carry-on baggage for a slightly higher price. 


JetBlue, a renowned American airline, stands out for its commitment to delivering a superior flying experience. With a reputation for excellent customer service when booking travel to the Dominican Republic, JetBlue has become a preferred choice for travelers seeking a reliable and enjoyable journey.

As one of the leading airlines flying to Santo Domingo, JetBlue connects passengers from Miami to Las Américas International Airport with a focus on punctuality and top-notch service. Whether you’re drawn to their spacious seating, complimentary in-flight snacks, or extensive entertainment options, JetBlue ensures a seamless and delightful travel experience to Santo Domingo, making every flight an opportunity for comfort and convenience.

What are the dimensions allowed for carry-on baggage on JetBlue?

Passengers on JetBlue flights from Newark or Miami are advised to ensure their cabin baggage does not surpass the dimensions of 21x13x8 inches. If your carry-on after booking a cheap flight to Santo Domingo exceeds this size, it is probable that the JetBlue staff will request you to pay additional fees for checked luggage.

Where is JetBlue’s main hub located?

The majority of JetBlue’s flight operations are centered in New York.


Delta Airlines

Delta Air Lines, a prominent name in the aviation industry, is synonymous with excellence in service and global connectivity. As one of the major carriers serving Santo Domingo out of Miami, Delta provides travelers with a reliable and comfortable journey to Las Américas International Airport.

Known for its state-of-the-art fleet, extensive route network, and a commitment to passenger satisfaction, Delta ensures a seamless travel experience. Whether you are a business traveler in search of efficiency or a leisure explorer seeking a pleasant journey, Delta’s flights to Santo Domingo promise a combination of convenience, hospitality, and world-class service, making your travel aspirations a reality.

 What are the dimensions allowed for carry-on baggage on Delta?

Passengers flying on Delta airlines are required to adhere to the 22x13x9in size limit for carry-on baggage. If your hand luggage exceeds these dimensions, you may be asked to pay an additional fee for checked luggage by the Delta customer service team. 

Where is Delta’s main hub located?

The majority of Delta’s flight operations are centered in Atlanta.

Copa Airlines

 Copa Airlines

Copa Airlines, a top player in the Latin American aviation industry, is known for its efficiency, dependability, and dedication to providing a seamless travel experience. As a major airlines flying to Santo Domingo, Copa Airlines offers its top-notch services to travelers heading to Santo Domingo. With a modern fleet and extensive route network, Copa Airlines ensures connectivity to Las Américas International Airport, with a strong focus on on-time arrivals and passenger comfort.

Whether you’re attracted to their exceptional customer service, onboard amenities, or the convenience of their hub in Panama City, Copa Airlines is the preferred choice for those looking for a smooth and enjoyable journey to Santo Domingo, embodying a commitment to excellence on every flight. 

 What are the dimensions or maximum weight allowed for carry-on baggage on Copa Airlines?

Passengers flying with Copa Airlines are advised that the dimensions of their cabin baggage should not surpass 22x14x10in. Should your carry-on exceed these measurements, it is probable that the Copa Airlines staff will request additional payment for checked luggage.

The specific carry-on baggage weight limits can vary between airlines. However, a common standard for many international airlines is to allow passengers to bring one piece of carry-on luggage with a maximum weight of around 7 to 10 kilograms (15 to 22 pounds).

Where is Copa Airlines main hub located?

The majority of Copa’s Airlines flight operations are based in Panama City.

Want to know more about airlines flying to Santo Domingo? Discover the cheapest flights

To find the best or cheapest flights, consider using a few strategic methods. Above all, being flexible with your travel dates can make a big difference, as changing your schedule to fly on less busy days or during less popular times can result in significant savings. 

Also, it’s worth checking out different online travel agencies and comparing prices on various platforms in order to find the best deals from airlines flying to Santo Domingo.

Consider Google Flights as a reference. Keep a careful eye out for airline promotions and sign up for newsletters to stay up to date on discounted fares.

Finally, taking advantage of loyalty programs and frequent flyer miles can unlock special discounts and benefits, making sure that your trip to Santo Domingo is not only memorable but also doesn’t weigh too heavily on your wallet. 

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