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Before Boarding continues its mission to ensure the safest spaces when traveling, using Samsung brand air purifiers

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As part of its mission facing this COVID-19 pandemic, the company Before Boarding continues with new security measures and protocols when traveling.

One of the main plans in action is to use air purifiers in their spaces. Using Samsung brand air purifiers, which allow intelligent detection and visualization of air quality; they ensure that their clients breathe purified air.

The Samsung air purifiers eliminate up to 99.97% of ultrafine dust (as small as 0.3 microns), thanks to its multilayer purification system. On the one hand, they extract the largest dust particles. Then an activated carbon deodorization filter removes any gases. Finally, with HEPA technology filtration, which consists of multiple filters that capture ultrafine dust, and inhibits bacteria.

Likewise, this air purifier maintains an elegant and avant-garde design line, performs a more intuitive verification of the air pollutants; Because it has dust and gas sensors, allowing it to control air quality, maintain a safe environment free of pathogens.

The mission of Before Boarding with these actions, is to continue offering their clients safe spaces and with the necessary hygiene protocols in the face of this global pandemic.

If you want to know more about Samsung’s multilayer air purifiers, you can discover it on its official page, by clicking here

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