Condiciones generales



  • The reservation request that you fill out in the reservation form on this website must be shown if required by Beforeboarding staff.
  • Essential, making the reservation of Premium Services 24 hours in advance.
  • Last minute requests without prior reservation carry a penalty of 25 USD per last minute, and may not be attended due to lack of foresight and operational planning.
  • It is important that you have correctly provided us with your telephone number and email to contact you with any news, especially in the departure service. If you booked your outbound service
  • If you require before the transfer from the Counter located in the terminal to our Premium Lounge, you must indicate in the comments at the end of your reservation the time at which you will be presented at our counter so that there is a staff waiting for you, with a margin of differentiation of 15min. Remember that you must have previously checked your luggage and have your boarding pass.

Previous time in room before boarding:

  • The recommended prior time to present yourself at the airline before making international flights is 3 hours after the flight departure, so it is required to present in the Premium lounge at least 1 hour and a half before boarding in order to satisfactory all the pertinent processes of migration and private security check among others. It will be the passenger's responsibility to present all the documentation required by all the corresponding departments. Failure to comply with these requirements, the Before Boarding company is not responsible for the loss of flight. If you do not arrive at the Premium lounge with the minimum time required, the Before Boarding company has the right not to assist passengers for the short time before boarding, as it cannot guarantee a good service.

People dismissing passengers:

  • Following the measures applied at airports, due to the new post-pandemic distancing regulations and to faithfully comply with health security measures, it is not allowed to dismiss passengers inside the lounge.

If you booked your VIP arrival service

  • Only one courtesy person will be allowed in the room to receive, if more than one person will have an extra cost of US $ 20 dollars to be paid prior to your entry by any of our means of payment.

Consumption of food and beverages for recipients has an additional cost.

  • The benefit of using the VIP lounge when using a membership is for the cardholder and their companions if applicable, as long as the holder is traveling. (You must verify before requesting the service the conditions and advantages that your product allows, how many accesses they cover a year. Not all memberships have the right to companions. Know the credit cards and insurance companies that allow you to enjoy our services for airport. Click here.). Before making the reservation, please check the conditions and the number of available accesses granted by your Membership or Agreement through which you use the VIP rooms. It is essential to physically present the plastic / card of your membership in order to obtain the benefit of it.

Using your health insurance:

  • The use of your health insurance to access our services is exclusively for the insured. Your health card does not allow companions in the room at no cost, but you will be able to opt for a preferential rate of US 59.00 (subject to variation, consult previously).
  • Before making your reservation, check how many accesses you have left.
  • It is essential to show the plastic at the reception.

Using Credit Cards:

  • To use your credit card to access our services and find out the coverage details of the different banking entities, you can contact our web support or directly with your Bank. (Remember that depending on your credit card you will or will not have the benefit of companions traveling with you).
  • In the case of not having available passes or in the event that your companion does not have coverage, a preferential rate of US 59.00 will be offered (subject to variation, consult previously).

IMPORTANT: It is the cardholder's responsibility to know how many passes they have available. For this you can consult with any of our support channels, via wssp, chat, telephone or mail. The client MUST PAY for the service in case of not having available passes. The ignorance of their availability of passes does not exempt the client from PAYMENT if he wants to use the VIP services.

  • Cash payments are accepted in US Dollars or Dominican Pesos, through PayPal and also in debit or credit cards VISA, Mastercard and AMEX. In the event of hiring a service prior to payment online, cash or credit cards and not making use of it, the amount paid will remain as credit for a next requested service, as long as you make a notification prior to your flight. Valid for a period of 12 months. No REFUND applies, in any case.
  • You have the right not to make use of the contracted service, for which purpose you must make a prior notification at least 4 hours in advance by any of the following means: mail, online chat and web. NO REFUND WILL BE APPLIED in case of having contracted a service and DO NOT NOTIFY that it will not be used, your reservation will be automatically charged by the system as no show, proceeding to discount a pass or the amount, as appropriate.
  • Our company reserves the right of admission for reasons of capacity, not wearing appropriate clothing to be in the room (shorts, bermudas, flannels, flip-flops and caps are not allowed), maintaining annoying behavior with other passengers, showing inappropriate behavior with our staff or for violation of the rules of conduct, use or access to airport terminals.
  • The use of the mask inside the VIP lounges and to carry out the services is mandatory, as well as maintaining the minimum safety distance between people.
  • Mandatory temperature control when entering VIP rooms and sanitizing hands with antibacterial liquid. In case of refusal, access to the service will be restricted.
  • I certify that my state of health when using the Beforeboarding VIP services is in optimal condition, with no symptoms of infection in the two weeks prior to my flight.
  • People with symptoms of fever may be denied VIP service for security reasons.
  • Check in advance with your airline if it requires a PCR or antigen test in order to fly to your destination.
  • Entry with food and drink purchased outside the classrooms is not allowed.
  • Entry with animals is not allowed. Exceptional cases apply, which must be previously notified and validated with our company.
  • Children up to 2 years of age, accompanied by adults, can use the room for free.
  • Children between 2 and 12 years of age, accompanied by adults, can use the room according to the rates in force at all times for that age.
  • Those under 18 years of age are prohibited from consuming alcohol.
  • We are not responsible for any damage or loss, to person or property, while they are in the room, unless we have acted with intentional cause or negligence.




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